Why it is challenging for a practicing Catholic to vote Democrat 4

The Democratic Party has turned its back on the little guy.

It didn’t use to be so. The Democratic Party for much of the 20th century stood up for the dignity of man. Because of their support for the rights of laborers, minorities, and women, they attracted the Catholic vote.

At its core, Catholicism embraces human dignity as intrinsic. We’re born with dignity. Our worth is defined by God, not our neighbor, nor a political party, nor the government.

Even more, Catholicism believes dignity is intrinsic at conception… More…

A day in the life of Facebook 5

Facebook is an invaluable source of information.

I get to catch up with friends and family. Nice!

People I respect post links to interesting and insightful articles that keep me abreast of a wide variety of subjects.

Facebook lets me keep my finger on the pulse of the culture, revealing both the good and the bad.

But it is also a forum to promote simplistic, ignorant memes that lead people down the wrong path… More…