At least his foreign policy has been good Reply

Is there a lesson here for Republicans? I think there is. I would not get too excited at advancing the cause of a certain conservative Senator who has but two years of experience on the national stage.

We need an experienced adult to try to undo some of the damage the Obama Government has inflicted on the world, not a conservative version of Mr. Obama. More…

Can I put you on? 6

What do Elton John and Barack Obama have in common?

A song.

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Mr. John’s first live album titled 11.17.70. It was recorded on November 17th, 1970, in the A & R Studios in New York and was broadcast live on radio.

This album was one of my first exposures to Mr. John’s music, and I was quite taken with it. I’m a piano player. Most of the rock music of the mid and late 60s was driven by the electric guitar. I like rock music that is driven by the piano. I like it even better when accompanied by strong melody.

That’s what Elton delivered then and now: pop rock music with infectious melodies and great piano accompaniment.

Listening to some of the tracks from 11.17.70 today, I couldn’t help but think of President Obama as I reacquainted myself with the song, “Can I put you on?” which I’ve linked above … More…