87,500,000 reasons to vote Republican 3

By Tom Quiner

Who pays the union dues for public employees? You do, Mr. Taxpayer.

Who on average makes more money and has better benefits, public or private employees? Public employees.

Who pays for these lavish salaries and benefits? Private employees.

To whom did President Obama give $160 billion in stimulus money to protect them from the impact of the recession? Public employees.

Who paid for this largesse? Private employees.

Who has suffered the most during the recession? Private employees.

In this election cycle, who is the single biggest campaign contributor? The NRA?  No. Big Pharma? No. How about the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). They have given $87,500,000 to help elect Democratic candidates.

Who funded this $87,500,000?  The taxpayers.

AFSCME workers on strike

Is there anything wrong with this? Plenty. To quote a liberal President:

“The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. A public employee strike, looking toward the paralysis of government by those who have sworn to support it, is unthinkable and intolerable.”

Thus spoke President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s. President Obama certainly disagrees.

We now enjoy a situation with large public unions with tremendous political clout gained at taxpayer expense. Some state budgets are nearing the buckling point under the weight of public pension liabilities. Public employee unions want bigger government and less accountability in direct conflict with taxpayer interests.

Do you want bigger unions, bigger government, and more taxpayer liability? Vote Democrat.

If you don’t, you have 87,500,000 reasons to vote Republican.



  1. Thank you, Tom for your terrific research! Does that figure (87,500,000) of people on the Federal dole include the dozens of unelected, unconfirmed “czars” who serve at President Obama’s beck and call, who are each drawing whatever outlandish salary?

  2. My goodness. I distinctly remember a time in the recent past when I was defending the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision against attacks by my liberal friends. How times have changed!

  3. If you want all of our good jobs outsourced overseas, vote Republican. If you want large corporations making laws, vote Republican. If you want your rights gradually eroded, vote Republican. If you want your quality of life diminished, vote Republican. If you hate America, vote Republican. Or better yet, get the hell out.

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