Government gone wild 2

By Tom Quiner

Is government too small?

Are federal employees underpaid?

I’d guess a majority of Americans would answer both questions with a no. Many would agree with me that we have some incredible government employees who are worth every cent they’re paid. But it appears we have a growing “wage gap.”

Liberals love to talk about gaps. They’re mad about the wage gap between the rich and the poor, between the “1% and the 99%.” Why no outcry about the growing gap between public and private employees?

According to Government Gone Wild in the video above, jobs in the private sector have only grown one percent over the last decade, but fifteen percent in the public sector.

They make an interesting comparison:  in 2009, the average job in the private sector paid $61,051 which includes salary and benefits, but it was $123,049 for federal employees.

We’re talking a 100% gap. Shouldn’t we be talking about this? After all, it’s the folks in the private sector who are footing the bill on salaries and benefits that are half of the folks they’re supporting.

In the name of justice and fiscal sustainability, isn’t this the playing field that should really be leveled?



  1. The demographics are even worse than presented here if you add in minority (excuse me, emerging majority) which votes overwhelmingly for a larger government as well.

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