Alaska hits 50 below! Is this really proof of global warming? 1

By Tom Quiner

The president wants more folks on food stamps.

Aol is losing customers since purchasing a liberal website.

Chris Matthews must have been comatose during the Bush years.

And the best: cold temps in Alaska prove global warming. Time to sit back and enjoy a few belly laughs from our friends at NewsBusted. Their humor is the best kind: it comes at the expense of our liberal friends.

Have a great Friday.

One comment

  1. Tell the people who live in the Maldive Islands that there is no global warming. Those island’s water table has been rising every year and it’s expected that the islands will be under water in 40-50 years. A disaster for about 300,000 people living there. Certainly nothing for our generation to worry about as we’ll be dead and gone by then. Just leave it for our kids to agonize over.

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