Obama’s war on Jefferson 1

By Tom Quiner

Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party

The founder of the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson, held a completely different view of America than the current leader of the party, Barack Obama.

Who is right?

Jefferson believed mankind enjoys inalienable rights that flow from God. Obama embraces secularism and believes the highest authority is the state.

Jefferson believed we each enjoy a right to life.

Obama’s belief in this right is conditional. The weakest in society, the preborn, have no rights and are subject to the whims of the powerful.

Jefferson believed we each enjoy a right to liberty. Obama doesn’t. He believes in fairness which calls on an elite power structure to determine who should get to keep the fruits of their own labor, and who would receive the fruits of another’s labor.

Jefferson believed we each have a right to a pursuit of happiness, which he defined as a right to accumulate and possess property. Obama believes the state should have a big say on this subject. Even more, happiness is a lifestyle issue in Mr. Obama’s eyes, not a property issue.

Here’s the thing: Republicans agreed with the Democrats of the Jefferson mindset. Sure they could wrangle over different issues, but they could compromise, too, because they all believed in these same fundamental American values as articulated by Thomas Jefferson.

Why are politics so polarized today? Because the current crop of Democrats think Mr. Jefferson was wrong.


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