Is ObamaCare good or bad law?. Juwannadoright gives an ethical analysis. She has actually read the bill, unlike most of our Congressmen and women.


One of the few television shows that I really like is NCIS.  The plots are creatively constructed and I enjoy the interaction of the actors in their portrayals.

In one of the episodes, Dr. Mallard (Ducky) is preparing for an examination, aided in this effort by his assistant Jimmy.  Jimmy poses the question, “What is the difference between ethics and morals?”

Ducky responds, “The ethical man knows that it is wrong to cheat on his wife; the moral man doesn’t.”  It is perhaps the briefest and most concise explanation of those two terms and the writer who penned those lines deserves congratulations

The implication is that an awareness of what is ethical logically precedes the ability to act morally.  In the absence of an understanding of ethics, moral behavior simply will not happen.

Perhaps the easiest way to describe the word ethics is to say that it is generally accepted…

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  1. When it comes to ethics and morals or morality Christians who also claim to be Conservatives make the same mistake that Nadab and Abihu {sons of Aaron and Priests} made when they mixed common fire with the sacred fire kindled by the Father Above. The execution of Nadab and Abihu by being burned to death makes clear the contempt the Father Above holds all those who dare to mix the common {in the case of today’s conservatives a secular ideology based on greed and selfish human nature} and the Scared teachings of the Bible. As well as mocks the Sacrificial death of His Son upon the cross for all men {rich and poor alike} and not just for those who can afford to pay.

    The Bible makes it clear that those claiming to be Christians would be known by their fruits and unfortunately the end result of conservatism is the rotten and putrid fruit of willful immorality.

    On the other hand if we as a nation are not going to treat health care as a right and continue to refuse to come together and solve the growing national health care crisis. It makes more sense and is more honest to close down all of the hospitals and make it illegal for doctors and nurses to practice medicine; and allow nature to take its course by culling from the herd the weak both rich and poor alike.

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