More on the Obamacrat 1

By Tom Quiner

If you read the Obamacrat’s rant in my previous post, I would like to clarify something I said.

I said he “represents the president and his party well.” That was simply a little droll sarcasm I employed on his blog in response to his hateful vitriol.

I obviously don’t mean that. The Obamacrat is in a league unto his own. The president would have nothing to do with this man if he even knew he existed.

I disagree with the president and his party on most major issues. But the Obamacrat surely doesn’t speak for them.


One comment

  1. Tom – Sorry…..but unfortunately I need to disagree with you a little here. Although it’s sad to say, I do think that “Obamacrat” is representative of a larger segment of the liberal/progressive types than we’d like to think. He/she is obviously full of anger and hate and feels much better engaging in ugly name-calling than engaging in constructive dialogue. Of course not all liberal/progressive types take this approach…..but neither is it all that unusual of an approach.

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