What do you call 50% support for Life? Reply

By Tom Quiner

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi!

It is Friday, my friends, and time for NewBusted’s Jodi Miller to diss on the Dems.

She’s got a bundle of scoops at the expense of some of our favorite folks: liberals. Check them out:

√ Obama can sabotage the economy without any help from the GOP, thank-you.

√ Dems only give voter registration forms to folks who ask in Spanish!

√ Obama, the last gay president?

√ A small, radical minority support Life?

√ The “Let’s go shopping in Burbank” law!

√ War on science?

√ Is Jodi hot?

√ Why daiquiris and toddlers don’t mix.

Warning: you are about to enter the Jodi zone!

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