Guess who provides the best healthcare for women and children? Reply

By Tom Quiner

“Big government isn’t the solution, we need mammoth government.”

“We need a takeover of healthcare by the government.”

“This is the only way to ensure women and children get proper healthcare.”

That’s the way Obama and his party thinks. Obamacare is just the opening salvo in the ultimate nationalization of this entire aspect of our economy.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the Catholic Church suggests Team Obama’s thinking “ain’t necessarily so”:

‎”We Catholics hardly need to be lectured about women’s health. Thanks mostly to our religious sisters, we happen to run the best private healthcare for women and children in the country.”

Now Obamacare, thanks to the imposition of the HHS Mandate, threatens to shut down the best healthcare provider for women and children because of raw, political ideology.

Mr. Obama didn’t have to impose his secular humanistic value system on Catholic organizations, but he did.

He did it because he doesn’t respect Catholicism and our “sentimental” attachment to life.

He did it because he is arrogant enough to think he knows what’s best for the “little people.”

He did it because to him, human life in its early stages is a disease that needs to be controlled and eradicated when inconvenient.

He did it.

On November 6th, you and I will be saying: “we did it.”

We voted out the guy who actually did build Obamacare.

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