We’re back where we started 3

By Tom Quiner

Barack Obama is president.

The House is controlled by Republicans.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats.

Campaigns were waged by skewering one’s opponent.

Mistrust between parties has most likely intensified rather than abated after all the negative advertising.

We’re back where we started.

Because of the closeness of the vote and his lack of an agenda, the president can’t claim a mandate. Nor can the Republican House.

With the fiscal cliff looming, Congress and the president need to find some common ground fast. Mr. Obama wants one thing: to increase taxes on America’s most productive workers. Republicans want spending restraint.

Time for the two parties to hunker down and compromise. Tax simplification should be a part of the discussions since it has enjoyed some bipartisan support in the past.

Majority leader John Boehner has indicated he’s ready to talk. He’s asked the president to lead.

Let’s hope Mr. Obama is ready to do just that.



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