Obama makes himself president by executive order! Reply

By Tom Quiner

Barack Obama’s 2nd term is off to the races. Here to report on the breathtaking developments is NewsBusted’s ace reporter, Jodi Miller.

This week’s scoops:

√ Why Obama’s inauguration wasn’t really necessary.

√ Watch out, will Obama raise taxes on the colonies?!

√ Politifact isn’t so factual.

√ Dems call for new right to marry fake girl friends!

√ Why Zero Dark Thirty was nominated for an Oscar.

√ What Steven Spielberg doesn’t want Hollywood to know about “Lincoln.”

√ What Obama didn’t get Michelle for her birthday.

√ Lance Armstrong to appear on Maury to explain how he lied on Oprah!

Have a great weekend!

Take it away, Jodi!


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