Why no outrage over Planned Parenthood actions? 5

Jenifer Bowen

In her unrelenting patronage of Planned Parenthood, Rekha Basu attacks Gov. Branstad for a new provision, recently approved by the Iowa Legislature, that allows him to review the state’s public funding for abortions. She paints herself as an advocate of young girls who are victims of incest [“Poor Women Become Tools in a Political Game,” June 23].

Where is Basu’s outrage over Planned Parenthood’s well-documented history of collecting money for abortions and delivering young girls back into the hands of their abusers without reporting anything to the police? Or undercover investigations that revealed Planned Parenthood employees, including one here in Iowa, urging statutory rape victims to change their age?

The new Medicaid reimbursement does not prevent any of the abortions from happening. It is simply a review of what the state will approve or disapprove using taxpayer dollars for reimbursement.

Iowans are sick of sexual predators hurting our children. If this additional review leads to more questions about why an incest or rape case was not reported to the police, that can only be good for the women of Iowa.

We know Planned Parenthood cannot be trusted to do the right thing. 

[ Jenifer Bowen is executive director, Iowa Right to Life, Des Moines. This letter appeared in the Des Moines Register yesterday.] 


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    • They have no stated reason, other than the persons who do this shouldn’t have. Their people have a built-in bias to “make the sale”, in other words, promote the abortion, because that’s where the money is. These occurrences of hiding statutory rape, incest, and sex trafficking are not isolated.

  2. If the media wasn’t so radically pro-abortion more people would know about PP’s practice of hiding statutory rape, incest and sex trafficking victims. That’s the real “war on women.” People who kill babies for a living don’t care about helping victims of sex crimes. They should be de-funded, put out of business and prosecuted.

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