1. The problem here is that when you have legitimate concerns, the water is so muddied from the shutdown that most don’t even notice.

  2. It would not surprise me to learn that not a single person has actually successfully signed up for an Obamacare policy. I have been trying to research costs for my wife through the “Marketplace” for 6 days now. It took 4 days to even successfully create an acknowledged account, and every time I try to use the account it says my userid and/or password it says I’m not using identification it recognizes. Finally, when I try to set up a different account, to get around this, it comes back and says it cannot set up an account — it’s telling me I now have to call an 800 number. Have you heard about any actual sign-ups?

    • I heard one news report that five signed up in Iowa. Here’s the thing: do you want to trust your most personal info in a website built so amateurishly that it screams: hackers welcome?!

      • Well . . . two things. First, so far the only truly identifying info I’ve had to give it is my e-mail address — the system hasn’t even let me in far enough for me to see what kind of info it wants from me. Second, since the cost ballooned from a projected “paltry” $50 million to a mind-boggling $600 million, I naturally figured that the extra $550 million was probably for data security. Isn’t that the way you’d see it?

    • I logged on and got several quotes just by giving my email and age and I think zip code. As I don’t need it since I am retired military, I didn’t go any further.

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