GENIUS! Democrats rename Obamacare Reply

By Tom Quiner

The dawn of another weekend is upon us.

Let us together sit back, kick up our feet on our desk (just as our president has shown us), and enjoy some light-hearted conservative news, straight from the mouth of a babe.

Jodi Miller, that is.

Jodi has delicious, juicy news that will make you feel proud to be a conservative:

√ GENIUS! Democrats come up with new name for Obamare.

√ NO SURPRISE: NBC blacks out coverage of Obamacare.

√ Rand Paul sure knows how to turn a phrase.

√ Try to catch the Wal-Mart virus.

√ Problems continue at the Phoenix airport.

√ Obama creates jobs for senior citizens!

√ NOT NEWS: Obama breaks another promise.

Even the angriest liberal can’t help but chuckle at Jodi’s good-natured jabs at progressive illogic.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Jodi Miller!

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