1. That’s right, this is all about selfishness, people do not want to have troubles, pain, expenses, worries and so on. Killing babies is murder, there is no excuse for murder. This is how God sees it and how we should see it.This world is very wicked and it’s getting worse every day. Have you seen the video with a doctor abortionists manifesting demon of murder and screaming, – yes, I love killing babies? Shocking, but as it says in the bible, we do not fight against flesh and blood but against powers and authorities, wicked spirits in high places that will do all kinds of tricks to get people destroyed. Only Jesus can rescue and change people who kill babies, mothers and doctors. I think, prayer is the answer. It’s not going to work when we try to persuade murderers not to kill, when they are full of demons of hate and murder.God is revealing more and more how this world is run and it is very different from what most people know.

  2. It’s really quite simple. Liberals love eagles (for which they take no responsibility, just watch them fly around occasionally. ) Not so with babies, that gets personal real fast. When it’s all about me… babies lose.

  3. I just can not fathom the fact, that 4,000!!!!! babies die legally & intentionally EVERY day in this country, of abortion, & it never even makes the news. Ever. This should make everyone, sick to there stomach.

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