“Hey, would you like to go to church with me?”

What a nice, friendly way to be hospitable and evangelize your faith.

Protestants are much better at this than Catholics. Here’s the rub for Catholics: once they get their non-Catholic friends to Mass, they can’t let them go up for Communion. You have to be Catholic.

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Camille Paglia is a lesbian feminist.


How do you react to such a phrase?

Redundant? No, not fair. (The word feminist has different interpretations. A Catholic feminist, for example, will react to the term differently than a Marxist feminist.)

Liberal? Good guess.

Conservative? Unlikely.

Whatever moniker worn by Ms. Paglia, she is controversial. Some of her recent commentaries are sure to infuriate the Marxist/feminist crowd who tend to hate men and believe men can and should be altered by cultural elites, as Ms. Paglia relates in her Time Magazine essay today:

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By Tom Quiner Art is one of the best ways to evangelize our Christian faith. I have written a musical, The Wedding at Cana, that evangelizes the awe and beauty of the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of John using a dinner theater format. Would you check it out at my Kickstarter page? If the…

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