2014 was an incredible year. Let’s try to top it in 2015. 5

By Tom Quiner

Thank-you for reading Quiner’s Diner. I truly appreciate it, even from those of you who think my politics and religious beliefs are nuts.

I strive to make my case with reason and equanimity, occasionally succumbing to stridency and sarcasm. Nonetheless, I hope Quiner’s Diner informs you and occasionally entertains you.

I am thrilled by the good news that has come out of 2014. If you haven’t heard, human abortion factories are on the decline, as the case for Life continues to resonate with the young.

Specifically, 73 more surgical abortion clinics closed in 2014, representing a 75% decline since 1991.

This data was compiled by Operation Rescue. The map below shows where facilities have closed. I’m proud that my state of Iowa has seen several clinics close.


The pro life movement continues to make steady, but relentless, progress despite the powerful adversaries pitted against it, including Big Media, Big Abortion, and Big Hollywood. Even more, this progress comes despite the most pro abortion president in American history who has strived mightily to turn human abortion into another entitlement.

If ever there is a movement with good guys and bad guys, this it. The heartlessness of the political left is becoming increasingly apparent as Big Abortion continues to lose the support of our nation’s youth.

Let us build on our success in 2015.

May God bless your new year.


  1. Thank you, Tom for fighting this pro life fight. I can not think of anything else more important. Nice to see some progress on the map. We have God on our side. That is huge. Happy new year!

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