WARNING!!!!! This blogpost is politically-incorrect!!!!! 6

By Tom Quiner


The world has never seen a nation as great as the United States of America.


The confluence of Judeo-Christian values and capitalism created unprecedented prosperity.

It put a man on the moon and conquered polio. It defeated atheistic Nazism and communism. Its universities created inquiring minds that cultivated an anything-is-possible mindset. It manufactured goods and services beyond our imagination.

But now our universities produce close-minded students who are particularly adept at manufacturing one thing: grievance. They look for opportunities to be offended. And it doesn’t take much.

Leftists dominate our universities and are aggressively shutting down the First Amendment with the assistance of the little snowflakes churned out by these schools. (Whoops … characterizing liberal students as “snowflakes” is politically-incorrect.)

More examples of the risks of political correctness:

If you believe in traditional marriage, then you oppose marriage equality and will lose your job.

If you believe a marriage is between one man and one woman, then you will lose your business if you refuse to bake a cake for a so-called same-sex marriage.

If you do not believe that climate change is caused by man, then you are a climate denier.

If you oppose human abortion, then you not only hate women, you are waging a war on them.

The Global Language Monitor lists top politically correct and incorrect terms. “Flip flop” is no longer kosher for liberal politicians who change their minds. Now we must use the word “evolve.” (Whoops once again! “Kosher” might offend some libs of Jewish descent.)

“Thugs” is now a prohibited term to describe hoodlums who rape, kill, and pillage. Perhaps we should just call them future Democrats.

“Terrorists” is an absolute no-no if the killer is a Muslim. Then they are “misguided criminals.” If they’re Christian, terrorist is okay.

The right produced greatness in America; the left manufactures only grievance.

All I can say to them is grow up. Start acting like adults. Your close-minded philosophy is destructive and infantile.

Don’t fear the First Amendment, my little snowflakes, freedom is what actually made this country great.


  1. Aside from your extremely debatable assessment of the glorious accomplishments of the United States, you seem to be the one doing the most complaining. As such, you are an excellent spokesperson (I should say spokesman) for a dying cohort. Your critiques of culture are tired and worn out & haven’t changed much since the Nixon administration. I have no more sympathy for political correctness than I do for your tired clichés.

  2. Every day I read some news article about some PC craziness at this University or that University. It is mind-boggling that liberals do not realize that they are the way they are. I wonder how it feels to live in a state of perpetual oblivion? It is times like these when I am so thankful that I was rational enough to choose Liberty University for my Master’s program. At least there is one University in the world that is not infested with liberalism.

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