Does free speech offend you?

This is the title of the new video from Prager University. The video points out the speech codes in place at our nation’s university which are meant to restrict conservative free speech.

Political correctness, as it is better known, helps to explain the rising fortunes of Donald Trump, the least PC-friendly candidate in the current presidential campaign…

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Holy Eucharist separates Catholics from non-Catholics.

Eucharist is at once utterly simple to understand and yet totally complex, even absurd. Jesus drew crowds wherever he went. The one time He lost His audience is the first time He tried to explain the “Real Presence” in the Gospel of John, chapter six.

Jesus probably would have lost me, too…

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The Catholic view on contraception can be perplexing to the layman.

The secular world certainly doesn’t understand it. But even evangelical and fundamentalist Christians, who agree with Church teachings on sanctity of life and marriage, can’t grasp Catholicism’s apparent animus toward artificial birth control.

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