1. I think these statements are a bit harsh and unfair. The reason that abortion rates are so high is based on them being heavily promoted by eugenics like planned parenthood. Both conservatives and liberals shame mothers for having their babies citing irresponsibility. Also I don’t understand why people are pro life when it comes to abortion but have a kill them all attitude when it comes to wars! That’s a punch in the gut!

    • Hi Sistateacher: Welcome to Quiner’s Diner. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. You are correct, Blacks have been targeted by Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, their Founder and spiritual leader, very much viewed their mission as utilizing eugenics to reduce undesirable populations, such as Blacks and Catholics. I’m not sure which statement(s) you think are harsh, perhaps the reference to another reader’s lament over Blacks’ cry of victimization? I’ll let you clarify if you’d like.

      As far as your reference to war, that is a different issue. I will say this though: more African-Americans have died in the womb via human abortion than all American casualties from all wars combined. Let that one sink in. The reason abortion rates are so high is because Planned Parenthood builds clinics in high population areas where Blacks live. Rates are so high because Democratic politicians block any and all regulations on abortion that would reduce the rate of human abortion among the Black population. This is a partisan issue, and the Democratic Party is on the wrong side.

      • Well here’s where I stand I’m nor a democrat or republican. The democrats want to put a bandage over a bullet wound by only presenting legislation that promote, abortion, welfare and other government programs that actually hurt African people instead of helping. They use these programs to attempt to shut us up. Conversely the republicans outright hate all people outside of themselves aka white men ! The only non white people they feel comfortable with is the ones that regurgitate their talking points and ideas. Secondly, the war is right here in the US. This is based on the lack of jobs and the legislations brought forth in the 1970’s that demanded that black fathers be removed from the household in order to receive government assistance. During the 1960’s 95% of black babies were born in wedlock . Fast forward today ‘s statistics state that 70% of babies are born out of marriage. I believe that the conservatives have some decent points but they are not opened to all people. Therefore I could never be a republican!

      • Megan, how would you like it if I called ALL Black people violent, lazy, or rapists based on a small sample of Blacks? You’d probably feel as uncomfortable with such stereotyping as I. And yet that is what you have just done. For the record, I know a LOT of Republicans, and I do NOT know of one, not one, who hates a single black man or woman. I am a Republican AND white, and I have had an African man live with me for a year, a man who to this day I consider to be a son. You are listening to too many Democrats. Your point about out-of-wedlock births is spot-on. Government policy, primarily liberal policy I might add, is the root cause of this destruction of the Black Family. Republicans try to change it; Democrats won’t allow it. They need victims to get re-elected, so they nurture victimhood in the Black community and try to blame Republicans. They insist on maintaining a welfare state that prevents independence and nurtures dependence. Don’t fall for it; and please, don’t buy into the lie that Republicans hate Black America. It is an outright LIE. Thank-you for writing, please come again, we need to hear from you.

      • “Megan , how would you like it if I called ALL Black people violent, lazy, or rapists based on a small sample of Blacks? “I would be fine with it as I know its unfounded and not true. Those statements alone come straight out of propaganda taken directly out of A Birth of Nation, the world’s racist movie. As I look at my very light skin I know exactly who’s family has been violently raped by lazy people. In my statement I never made direct insults or attacks. This is a prime example of the hateful fork tongue speech delivered from the right! Providing examples of black people you consider “friends or family” come straight out of their play book! Why can’t we all be honest! Most Americans don’t live in racially diverse communities and only interact with people like themselves. Including myself and I’m actually perfectly fine with it! Therefore non of these political parties accurately reflect essences of the American People.

      • For the record, I know it is unfounded and not true. That’s my point. Both the Right and Left need to be careful with these stereotypes. I guess I was kind of stunned by the pointedness of your statement: “This is a prime example of the hateful fork tongue speech delivered from the right! Providing examples of black people you consider “friends or family” come straight out of their play book!” Pretty strong reaction.

        Politically, liberals encourage victimhood because it helps to get them reelected. Conservatives encourage self-sufficiency and equality of opportunity for Blacks, ideas that are truly liberating. I have a hunch we’re both on the same side, Megan. We both want what is best for Black America. I do appreciate that your life experiences give you a unique perspective on the challenges facing America in regard to race relations. So do mine. Thanks for writing.

  2. Ugh! That was a punch in the gut, Tom. I was expecting to read a short report about Black on Black crime, perhaps citing Chicago as an example of that atrocity. I wasn’t expecting to see the stark information of abortion as the sole outlier on a chart. It is a very effective dose of reality(sigh!).

    Since the Black population is so eager to cry “victimization” isn’t it ironic, callous, hypocritical for them to ignore the real victims? Typical liberal losers!!!

    Love the sinner, hate the sin. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Love the sinner, hate the sin………..repeat, repeat.

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