Blatant media bias 4

By Tom Quiner

imagesRead the quote below from Pope Francis really carefully. He was speaking to a young, single mother:

“I know it’s not easy to be a single mother. I know that people can sometimes look askance at you, but I’ll tell you one thing, you’re a brave woman because you’re capable of bringing these two daughters into the world. You could have killed them inside your womb, and you respected life. You respected the life you were carrying inside you, and God is going to reward you for that, and he does reward for you for that. Don’t be ashamed. Hold your head high. “I didn’t kill my daughters. I brought them into the world.” I congratulate you.”

Here’s how Time Magazine ran the quote:

“I know that people can sometimes look askance at you. You’re a brave woman because you’re capable of bringing these two daughters into the world. You respected the life you were carrying inside you and God is going to reward you for that and he does reward for you for that. Don’t be ashamed. I congratulate you.”

They edited out the bolded sentences that firmly states that human abortion involves killing a human being.

The MSM views the liberal Pontiff as one of their guys. So when he talks like a Catholic, they get real uncomfortable and edit out the parts that make liberals look bad. After all, the MSM has no problem with human abortion.

The MSM loves Planned Parenthood.

The MSM even defends them when they peddle body parts of the sons and daughters killed in the womb.

The MSM has jettisoned their journalistic ethics in favor of advocacy for liberal causes, such as human abortion.

If you consume news from the MSM, balance it out by reading the Wall Street Journal or occasionally watch Fox News, even though they sometimes tilt left, too.

As you can see above, the MSM won’t give you the entire story.



  1. American mainstream media habits have devolved into providing mostly context-free information points, Tom, so that little to no background is provided to help readers turn information into knowledge. That is the result of a cowardice and a hubris that has been rampant and fairly recent, over the past 40 or 50 years or so, since the retreat from Christian principles began. Really, Christ addressed all of these failures at the beginning of Christianity when He spoke the Beatitudes from the mount.

    Some of the “journalists” are weak. Some are cowardly. Some don’t want to lose their jobs. Some are feminists and resent the perception that men rule them. Some are white men who will try not to offend the minority “classes”: blacks, disabled, women, LGBT, etc. All represent a cross-section of the population. There are very few who, when tested, will defend their religious beliefs. But here we are!

    And those who watch the faithful, many of them will become envious of the strength. Those that covet will turn around and try to make the brave look weak, small, insipid, dumb as country bumpkins, etc. There are so many like that, Tom, yet suffice it to say we are the Remnant. We are sinners, but we strive to be faithful and that is what God wants from us: to be faithful.

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Matthew 5:11

  2. I can, in a perverse sort of way, understand politicians dumping the little guy and looking out just for their own self-interests. But how can the media do this? Once they are lock-sync with the powers-that-be, the powers-that-be won’t need them anymore and will just eliminate the public media altogether. 100% government-directed news cannot be too far away.

    • Dennis, if the powers-that-be knew how much the bias disappoints and disturbs conservatives and Christians they would continue to make use of the MSM. One would think that with the leftist elites combining forces with the MSM, there would continue to be a dearth of effective socially conservative policies. Isn’t that one of the objectives of their ultimate goal, to make us irrelevant so that they can rule the world? But their pride and lust for power clouds their judgment. They are self-righteous but we are righteous for God’s sake.

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