The mock benevolence of liberals 6

By Tom Quiner


The minimum wage is a particularly heartless piece of legislation. It hits young workers hard, blocking entrance to starter jobs that teach important life skills.

The photo above shows the consequence of minimum wage laws in light of huge increases being imposed on workers in liberal parts of the country.

Here’s what the Tea Party’s Facebook page had to say about it:

“Instead of 12 cashiers making 8 to 10 dollars an hour, now there are 0 cashiers making 15 dollars an hour and 12 cashiers completely on welfare. That is Democrat’s version of furthering prosperity.”

When government forces business owners to pay workers more than they’re worth, one way around the problem is to automate and eliminate human jobs.




  1. That’s how the liberals’ social justice doctrine works, Tom. They make the messes and we, the taxpayers, have to keep cleaning up. The truth does come out in the wash. but by then the Dems have already moved onto the next ‘big idea” with the help of the MSM. We, the tax payers, are really in the “Waste Management” business with this incompetent president.

  2. And in some places where the minimum wage has been raised to $15/hour, some hourly workers are reducing the number of hours they work to prevent their income increasing too much — they don’t want to make so much money that they will no longer qualify for food stamps, free health care, rent subsidies, etc.

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