The Des Moines Register supports all things liberal.

It is refreshing when they run a guest editorial from someone with a contrarian position to liberal orthodoxy.

The ran such a piece today. It was written by a guy named Steve Freking. Here’s an excerpt:

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Hillary Clinton actually took a question on the campaign trail.

An earnest voter asked her:

“You said earlier that you wanted to end corruption. But how can you do that after the Whitewater scandals, Benghazi and your deleted emails?”

Her response:

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What a contrast.

Dr. Benjamin Carson is a self-made man. Born into abject poverty and nurtured by the tough love of his mother, he became a world famous neurosurgeon.

On the other hand, most would not consider Hillary Clinton a self-made woman…

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“Many of the women in our sample aborted only because they were pressured to do so, and most reported that the abortion only increased their experience of grief and trauma. In contrast, none of the women who carried to term said they wished they had not given birth or that they had chosen abortion instead. Many of these women said that their children had brought peace and healing to their lives.”

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