A good man bows out 5

By Tom Quiner

Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign today.

He joins Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul in bowing out of this chaotic presidential cycle.

Each of these men are principled men of character. Santorum, in particular, is a heavyweight. His grasp of the workings of government and foreign policy is formidable. No one has spoken out on Life and marriage issues with more conviction and passion than Rick Santorum.

It is a credit to the Republican Party that they had a man of this caliber run for president.

Whether he remains in politics or not, we haven’t heard the last of Rick Santorum.


  1. Tom – Sad, but not surprising. I have always liked Santorum. In 2012 I did a lot of work in his behalf and caucused for him. He was my #1 choice going into this cycle. Thus, It’s been disappointing to see that he just wasn’t gaining any traction this time. Solid character. Solid background. Solid on all the issues important to we conservative Republicans. Yes….I expect and hope that we will still see him as a force in some manner going forward.

  2. I like Santorum. He was in my top 2 in 2012, though I think I caucused for Gingrich (?). I wanted a fiscal conservative with a proven record, and Gingrich fit the bill. He just wasn’t very likable. Santorum is a man of principle and had some good ideas and the experience to match it, he just didn’t catch on this year. Too removed from politics.

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