1. This is one time I can praise Bill Maher.
    He understands what Islam is and everyone needs to get up to speed on this evil.
    “The Grand Jihad” by Andrew McCarthy would be a good source of information on Islam.

    • AYMEN! Where are all the “moderate” Muslims speaking out against ISIS type behaviors. Many do not want to admit that the ISIS warriors are not radical. They are practicing exactly what the book they use tells Muslims to do. If one actually knows Islamic history, one knows that these practices have been going on since very early days of the spreads of Islam by the Berbers. There was an important European Islamist that was invited to dinner ( w/ his associates) by N. African Islamic leader. All but one were beheaded b/c they were not practicing the religion w/ the proper teachings of Muhammad. Even then a religion on peace would kill ANYONE not being a good enough Muslim. These shiite/suni/etc Islamic fights are ancient.

      • A friend of mine has written two books on the subject of Islam. They make your point, that extremists are in fact the ones practicing Islam according to Mohammad.

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