Laura Ingraham to the MSM: “Do. Your. Job!” 2

By Tom Quiner

Wow! Laura Ingraham brought the house down at last night’s Republican National Convention.

I don’t agree with Ms. Ingraham or Donald Trump on everything, but Ingraham certainly rallied the troops last night.

The audience was particularly vocal when she challenged the mainstream media to do their job and actually report on the government abuse inflicted on America by team Obama and Clinton. Following the speech, the MSM focused on the way she waved to the audience. It looked like Hitler to them.

Any wonder why the MSM is so despised?

If you missed it, you really should watch it. Great speech, Laura.


  1. One of the high moments of last night! They’re keeping us busy, Tom. I just posted a recap of the Cruz Fiasco.

    Laura should have a place in Trump’s administration (yes, I don’t agree with him everywhere either) if we can help some of the Left to get through the fog of the Democrats.

    • I read Carl Rove’s piece in the WSJ this morning. He made it sound like it’ll come to Fl, OH, and Pennsylvania. If Trump carries all 3 he wins. It’ll be close. Hillary leads in all 3 right now by a slight edge.

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