1. Loved it! I am no Bernie Sanders supporter by any means, and personally believe that many of his supporters are every bit as blind, divisive and hateful as the majority of liberals, but every now and then some come along with common sense and a good argument. Thank you, Sanders supporters, for helping to divide the Democrat party and expose them for what they are, closet bigots who will stoop to new lows on a daily basis in order to pander for every single vote they can get.

    • Well said. I think Sanders could have beaten Hillary if he would have pursued the email scandal like he should have. Once he said he was ‘sick and tired talking about her damn emails,’ it was over. He removed character issues from the table, and it is faulty character that disqualifies Mrs. Clinton from the presidency.

  2. The fact that the DNC is full of “racist bigotry” (I hate both of those words.) comes as a surprise?

    “That’s disrespectful…”

    Do you even hear the words that come out of your own mouth? Or have you somehow developed the ability to block out reality?

    Or, maybe you’re just a liberal. Yeah, that’s probably it.

    Anyway, if we want to talk about disrespect, the Obamas and Clintons are experts on the subject. And, yes, if Hillary would use her gender as a tool, it is no surprise that she would use race as a tool.

    There are no “black lives.”

    There are no “white lives.”

    There aren’t “black” or “white” people.

    There are human lives. The sooner people realize this the better. The shade of brown that your skin is should be neither a source of shame, or pride.

  3. Ha, the Caucasian woman called the black man’s comments as “disrespectful”? Is she insinuating that he doesn’t know his place before the Great White Fathers”?

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