1. My 11 yo requested to see this movie when I offered to take her to see a kid friendly movie matinee. She was enthralled and captivated. A must see for anyone who cares about truth and dignity. This woman has neither. Be liberal or conservative but PLEASE care about truth and dignity. I realize the other guy lacks a certain amt of dignity but he isn’t fighting to avoid being prosecuted for a dozen different crimes. He does not stand to lose much if he fails. He will make another billion in business and life will go on. If SHE loses she is at risk for serious prosecution. That would be the end of the Clinton dynasty. From here on out a Clinton would just a wealthy person from a disgraced family with quite a few jailbirds. Remember, Bill, Chelsie, Chelsie’s hubby and Hilary would all come under fire. The only one to raise the grand kid is her mother. It would be a LOOOOONG time before another Clinton could get to the highest peaks again. A lot of other folks in WASH and the rest of the world’s elites are in bed with them as well. If one goes down the whole mess falls apart. To vote for the one with more time in Wash. is self destructive. 2 people that have only earned $ with gvt jobs are worth 100 million $. Does that not sound odd. It’s not even investments or small business. They’ve taken ZERO risk and b/c SOOOOO rich. THAT is not possible in the world of playing by the rules. Please dont talk about the cattle futures or White Water. They’ve been shown to have been scams. Also, does anyone care how many people that have opposed the Clintons have come up dead suddenly, mysteriously and in car trunks and multiple plane crashes?

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