1. As an RN, I have taken care of every conceivable sort of person you can imagine. I’ve seen people who had every advantage in the world accomplish NOTHING and others overcome every possible medical, financial and social situation one can imagine. One has to nearly hate God and his most special creation to consider killing someone b/c they aren’t of ideal circumstances. Most pregnancies are not founded in ideal circumstances (financial,relationship and physical problems are common). I find it humorous that those that say the planet is better off w/o so many people were all allowed to be born.

  2. It should make a person shutter when they just TRY and wrap their brains around ‘who could have been’ and ‘what they could have been.’ Was the possible brains behind the cure for cancer, the next Bill Gates or the next person to walk beyond our galaxy snuffed out before they had a chance to change the world? Questions that will only be answered when we meet our Merciful Maker…

    • Have you heard the story of a woman who went to confession with Padre Pio, who could read souls. Her sin: an abortion. Padre Pio revealed she had aborted a future Pope who would have been the greatest Pope ever.

  3. Many tend to blame others, for their failures. This young woman, overcame, and the rest is history. We should all strive to use our God given capabilities, and encourage those God has placed before us. Good post. Blessings

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