1. Most wise advice. I was taught that this world is a place I travel through. It’s not my home. As i get near 50, I see how morally bankrupt the world is and probably always was. Doing geneology research, I found people embroiled in the ridiculous situations so common today in an effort to curry favor from the leaders of this world. Live the simple life recommended by the bible and one finds happiness. I drank the kool-aid as a youth and went out to conquer this world and found myself embroiled in nonsense and unhappy. Now I reject all that career mumbo jumbo and being happy homeschooling my child and working for far less than my degree allows to do a job teaching young people how to find their calling in healthcare sciences. My enrichment is helping a person overcome whatever obstacles (some self inflicted others not) to reach their goals. Get your head out of the game and put your heart in it. Oddly as my career track b/c less financially rewarding my needs have continued to be met very well. I learned how to live for my maker and not fancy belongings…..and all these things have been added unto me. the world would have you lose your soul serving it instead of God. That way the world can consume you.

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