1. Especially appreciated statement as I belong to St. Thomas More Church. My wife and I found it very appropriate that we moved into this parish, given the way our nation is heading toward removing religious freedom.

  2. And it all leaves us knowing who a particular person has in charge of their soul. There are so many now doing the work of the fallen one. He has them believing they are as gods….nothing new here. What people who subscribe to liberal ideology don’t realize is that the intellect is full of knowledge but not wisdom and “He who increases knowledge increases misery.” What they lack is wisdom as “All wisdom cometh from God.” The liberals seek the knowledge imparted by he who has sought our destruction since day one and reject the true wisdom that comes from the study of God’s word. God’s word is hard for the human mind to get. The pretty talk of libs is so much easier for the human mind to grasp. They hate the idea of our creator having ANY say in their lives or the world they live on…that He made.

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