1. This is more than a problem with a single thankless and ungrateful athlete. I work with the children at church on Wed. nights. Many of the kids are not members of the church and only come Wed. Many are African-American and come from poorer homes. They do not pledge the flag of America or the Christian flag we pledge after the American flag. They are pointedly rude and disrespectful to our workers, our property and our traditions. I believe we tolerate the disrespectful behavior as it is perhaps the only time the kids ever hear the word of God. I think this based on the fact that many are of age to know what certain holidays are celebrating but only understand the secular symbols and traditions associated with Christmas or Easter. There is a move in our country away from ALL ideas, customs and beliefs of our forefathers. The idea is to erase or at least eradicate all vestiges of of the founding nature of this country. Remember that just before the fall of Rome, it ceased to mean anything to be a Roman citizen. The Left is cultivating an environment where being proud of the country my ancestors and I served militarily in all armed conflicts is looked down on and even punished covertly.They have destroyed families, the church, and self reliance. This spoiled athlete will be celebrated among certain groups in power. This will be hailed as heroic and righteous while the praying football player was vilified.

    On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 4:00 PM, A Heapin Plate of Conservative Politics & Religi

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