1. I teach nursing to adult students. They cant understand the medical abbreviations AT ALL. The bad part is that they could if they would have taken ANY Latin based foreign based language. French or Spanish would have helped. I took Years of French grades 8-11 and college as well. The Spanish I have learned due to necessity in my work in nursing uses many of the terms being abbreviated. Latin? They dont even take ANY foreign languages.It’s so sad. I hear people WITH DEGREES that do not even speak ENGLISH properly. I don’t even mean they don’t use “whom” properly or at all. I mean they say things like, “My fiance name is…” Good heavens! They can’t use a singular possessive noun or pronoun properly. The students often do not know the 3’s multiplications ( a basis for conversion of ounces to ml’s. There are 30 ml’s to an ounce so dividing by 3 and then adding 0 (mult. by 10) is needed. What is being taught now is the socialist progressive agenda. All academics are sent home for the parents to handle. If the parents graduated in the last 20 years or never graduated, they are not able to adequately able to educate the kids.

  2. Well, we wouldn’t want to injure the delicate sensibilities of our students by making them learn things that they deem difficult! After all, that wouldn’t be PC!!

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