Happy birthday, Arnold Palmer Reply

By Tom Quiner

unknownModern sports heroes tend to disappoint.

If they’re not getting caught cheating on their wives with porn stars, then they’re refusing to stand for the national anthem.

(Peyton Manning is a rare modern exception.)

The quintessential sports hero, though, has to be Arnold Palmer.

Palmer made golf what it is today by appealing to the common man. Golf was a sleepy, country club sport until Arnie came along. He brought an aggressive, charismatic approach to the game that captivated our nation … and then the world.

His fans were legion, with their own, special name: Arnie’s Army.

Palmer was famous for always taking the time to sign autographs for the kids. He never forgot where he came from. And even though he owns a fancy house in Florida, he also owns one right next to where he grew up in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, where he resides in the summer.

Humility is so appealing. That’s Arnold Palmer.

Happy 87th birthday to the King of Golf, Arnold Palmer.



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