The #1 issue of this campaign: Hillary’s health 6

By Tom Quiner

Reports out of New York indicate Hillary Clinton had another health episode.

While attending a 9/11 memorial service, she had to leave early. She appears to collapse as her limousine pulls up to whisk her away.

This blog is critical of Ms. Clinton’s politics and ethics. It cares for her as a human being. We pray for her recovery.

In light of this event, though, it becomes more important than ever for her to release her health records.


  1. There are several youtube videos from doctors who are describing her symptoms as Parkinson Disease. If this is so or if she has any illness that would threaten her ability to be an effectual president she needs to drop out. Now.

    • Good point, Ms. Rhonda. With the Clintons, you know that they are always hiding something critical from the public. Is it Parkinson’s in this case? No knows until the records are released. For the record, Trump should do the same.

  2. If Hillary Clinton’s strength and stamina is in doubt (and obviously it is), then we have no idea who would be running the country during one of her frequent “episodes.” Would it be Huma Abedin, Sydney Blumenthal, Bill Clinton, or some other left wing operative? Clinton, Inc wouldn’t let Tim Kaine near the Oval Office… too much $$$$ and power at stake. God help us!

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