Hillary is allergic to the truth Reply

By Tom Quiner

Hillary Clinton is fighting allergies.

That’s what her spin team has used as the explanation for her repeated coughing attacks during the campaign.

The spin was unspun yesterday when Ms. Clinton badly faltered at a 9/11 ceremony. Her legs went wobbly. Video footage shows her on the verge of collapse, requiring assistance into her limousine.

Now her team says she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Here’s what we’re left with:

  1. By all accounts, they weren’t going to tell the American people about this diagnosis. Why? In light of Sunday’s collapse, they had to say something. Were they forced to come up with something, or was this a legitimate malady?
  2. How many people even believe that diagnosis? Hillary Clinton’s entire public career has been built on obfuscation and deceit. Is she covering up a larger health issue? Could she have something worse? (Let’s hope not, for her sake.)
  3. The call to release her medical records will only increase. But does it really matter? This is a woman who again and again reveals how comfortable she is at destroying evidence. A clean bill of health for Ms. Clinton is irrelevant at this point. It doesn’t matter to her core supporters. Her detractors won’t believe anything she says. And swing voters will simply become more cynical of everything she says.

You reap what you sow.

Because of Hillary’s allergic reaction to all things truthful, yesterday’s medical episode will remain a significant campaign issue until election day … and beyond, should be elected.

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