1. I loved this! I can’t understand how anyone doesn’t know this is making commentary on the effects of social media and electronic devices on the young. Truthfully, the 12 yo girls of the 70’s weren’t much more intellectually aware. It was the stage when all the girl conversation b/c about how cute some guys were which flavor of lip gloss was best with which color shirt. I retreated to the safety of hanging out w/ the boys. You will never know how grateful I will always be that those boys gave me shelter from the endless conversations about lip gloss and curling irons.

  2. Every time I post something from the Onion (or Eye of the Tiber, or the Babylon Bee, or the Duffel Blog), inevitably some reader thinks it’s real news and goes on a rampage of indignation. But I keep doing it anyway. 🙂

  3. Horrifying. Looks like for some (many?) euthanasia is an option regardless of age. Isn’t euthanasia established in much of Europe now? I wonder what is going on about this in the medical community.

    • This video was satire. The goal, though, of the euthanasia lobby, is to legalize state-sanctioned, physician-prescribed suicide when life is undesirable or inconvenient, regardless of age.

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