1. Shocking but not at all surprising. I started reading fashion magazines when I was in my teens, and gave up on them when I was in my mid-twenties for many of the reasons the maker of this video listed. I don’t agree that they should be illegal, however. We have freedom of the press, and people can publish whatever b.s. they want to publish. Those magazines will all go out of business when women wise up and stop wasting their time and money on them.

  2. I also noticed years ago that the more sexual women’s mags repeat the same artical over and over. It’s always something about more mind blowing sex, different positions, and the need for the top fashion accessories one MUST have this season. How many positions can there POSSIBLY be?I have seen the same accessories come and go 10 times in the last 30 years…even…ugh, bell bottoms. Can I not figure out what to buy or wear on my own? I realized, before spending much on these inane pieces of publication trash, that they just reprint the same mag over and over w/ a different girl on the cover. Ladies wise up! We were encouraged to go enslave ourselves to the corporate giants to make them more productive and then our pay is siphoned right back to them.

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