1. Stupid is as stupid does. If social justice is what keeps you voting democrat, have a look at the the things happening to minorities every day in the communities they feel trapped in. A child in a scuffle at school will find himself in handcuffs and charged. Meanwhile, rich, connected Hiliary performs several felony offenses and it gets the ole white wash and she goes about the rest of her life w/ no retribution….not even a fine. What kind of social justice is that? I always suspected Obama knew and covered it up. Now comes another Fri. news dump, and it’s proven. If one is not connected, forgetting to pay a traffic ticket could get one some jail time after the thing gets all padded up w/ contempt and other charges. The fact one was broke or just forgot won’t matter. It is assumed one willingly and knowingly ignored the ticket. If you don’t receive the court notice, an arrest warrant will be issued for you and you will be cuffed, stuffed, booked and held….for a $50 ticket. I have seen middle class people treated to such punishment,so you know the inner city poor can’t blink w/o being hassled and given a record.

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