1. I’m such a political and news junkie. My whole family is. I asked our daughter if she wanted to see a newly released Ice Age movie, She asked to see Hilary’s America instead and LOVED it. On a long drive cross country to look for a new house, she asked me, as I looked for a station on the radio, “Mom can’t you just find some talk radio?” I was her age (12) when watched the Reagan/Carter debates with such devotion. It cracks me up to hear her even though I know she gets it from us. It makes me wonder about the parents of other kids her age with no interest. Aren’t they overdosing on news? Ha!

  2. As she has been part of the formation of political platforms and outcomes for 30 yrs, how could she NOT do “more of the same”? I have a significant southern accent (pretty, not twaingy),b/c I have lived in the deep south most of my 50 yrs. Except military service and a few early childhood years, I have spoken and heard southern all my life. I doubt if I move to N.J., I would be able to sound like anything but a southerner at this point. Just like her proclivity of lying, her political tendencies are more than set in stone. Plus, she owes sooooo many behind the scenes people who have soooo much on her. She HAS to keep it up.

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