1. A liberal would see us as in the 5th stage. The decadence we, as conservatives, see everywhere is just the advanced stage of intellect. If one has no religious beliefs, then there is wider view of right and a narrower view of wrong. When anything that feels good is right and only things that feel or sound less pleasant is wrong, it is easy to give a pass to decadence if one even sees it at all.

  2. Unfortunately, so many aren’t or just don’t care. Too many with nothing invested or to lose are voting. What they are voting is a bigger piece of other people’s pies for themselves. When it no longer meant anything to be Roman, the empire fell. If one reads the The Rise and Fall…and bone up on the end of the Greek empire will recognize the things we see now. Alas the experiment went awry long ago and was predicted by the founding fathers to fail long before now.

    • One historian describe the rise and fall of great civilizations this way:
      1. The age of outburst (or pioneers).
      2. The age of conquests.
      3. The age of commerce.
      4. The age of affluence.
      5. The age of intellect.
      6. The age of decadence.
      7. The age of decline and collapse.
      Where do you think we fall?

      • Depending on the analysis, one could reasonably put us anywhere between 6 and 7. Some might think early-mid 6, while others might think upwards of mid 7. I am inclined to put us at early-mid 7. I think 6 got a good start in the 1920’s. By the 70’s, 6 was in full swing. I think we have completion of 6 with all the fascination with all the varieties of sexuality that keep popping up. I hope we aren’t at late 7, but I wouldn’t be shocked to wake up and find the banks and gvt offices closed indefinitely. We are heading to the rural areas of the mid-west, b/c the masses will b/c unpredictable when that happens.

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