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  1. An excellent point! I am a woman, and in the dorms of the military, I heard many raunchy things out of the mouths of my fellow female airmen. Female RNs I worked w/ actually walked right up to my husband who has NEVER said such things (he’s easily embarrassed) and made sexual comments to his face that made it impossible for him to stay on my unit and wait for me to finish up to go home. He had to go to the lobby to be comfortable.Women can be as awful as men. I don’t like this stuff he said, but I worked night shift in a military E.R. and heard about as bad out of guys that i think were about average in these tendencies. This is what we get when it’s ok to say words on early evening TV that were not allowed just 20 yrs ago. At least Trump hasn’t been accused of attacking women. He wasn’t politically connected in the way HRC and Slick Willy were. Remember, Bill was the head law enforcement officer for Ark. when he attacked some of those women. They knew there would not be any prosecution. He was acting w/ complete ownership of the law. He was acting as if he were one of the loathsome sons of Saddam Hussein. They too knew nothing would happen to them and they could cause trouble for the accuser, as could Bill.

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