1. OH! MEGA BURN! I can’t wait for these schmucks to compete w/ our daughter. She is asked the hard questions and EXPECTED to give acceptable answers. She is required to think and understand. If I ask tough questions here, you should see what my 12 yo is required to think about and answer. She’ll pretty much eat these people’s lunches in any real world situation.

      • She tended to cry if a male raised his voice,when she was younger. I put her in karate, where the male instructor would make it a point to be a tad tougher on her than other kids. I have my doubts about the quality of his martial arts instruction, but he did help break her of that snow flake-ish behavior. She is naturally squishier than I was growing up. I really don’t see her ever in the military like her mom and dad. As a gal I was always tough so I was able to become a non-commissioned officer in 3 yrs. I just want her to be able to handle unpleasant situations w/o being destroyed emotionally. I grew up w/ a tough red headed mom and some equally tough aunts. I won’t let my child walk out in the world w/ unrealistic expectations. I teach her to dream but not fantasize. She really is a joy to home school. At 6, she loved reading Homer’s “The Odyssey”. She is on her way to understanding that her feewhings WILL get hurt in life and she WON’T die.Thanks for your nice reply.

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