1. Can we do something about sterilizing the libbers? I mean why would we allow someone to spread mental illness or stupidity?we generally don’t allow the willful spread of other diseases.

  2. I wonder if this view of disabled children is politically correct. Isn’t it funny how libs won’t allow a comment or joke about a disabled person but will advocate for the killing of them ASAP. I personally view liberalism to be an extreme mental illness. Can we do something about a late term disposal (I cant even type the word they use for getting rid of babies) of stupid/mentally ill adults? I would consider the use of federal dollars for THAT procedure ok)After all they CHOOSE to be liberals…and see no problem w/ disposing of others for any reason the “mom” uses…or NO reason at all.

    • It’s surprisingly easy for some people to advocate killing as long as it’s someone else’s ox that’s being gored. You hear this all the time when the topic comes up of aborting babies who were conceived as a result of rape. The pro-abortion crowd considers this an unassailable argument, as if no sane person could possibly advocate for the right of a child not to be executed for the crime of his/her father. I will believe they’re sincere about this when they affirm that if they were to learn today that their own conceptions resulted from rape, they would immediately commit suicide on the grounds that their mothers ought to have aborted them and it’s unjust that they were allowed to live.

      • There is rarely a situation where the liberal elite apply their logic to themselves or their own. The fictional person of whom you speak would just say that was a decision their mom made, and it was hers to make but not one that should be forced on another woman. The zero population growthers of my youth had a lot of kids, while telling the unwashed masses to stop breeding. This is the same group that lectures me for driving a 4×4 SUV on a lift (needed for work,towing and snow removal when I get moved to snow country.) while rolling around in block long limos and flying around in private jets. This is the mindset of a group that feels only they have the intellectual (and if you can believe it..moral)superiority to set standards.

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