1. I just wish I knew when it was that feelings took the place of thought and logic in every thing. I was told in the military I didn’t have to like a coworker,room mate or supervisor. I only had to accomplish the mission. Does the average American have or know what the mission is…let alone how to accomplish it?

  2. I think thing is dead. Its all about feelings now. The dumbing down of schools was to bring about this tendency. The elite have always played on the emotions and fears of the uneducated. Now thats pretty much EVERYONE.

    • AHMEN! I wish I understood the whole “liking the POTUS” thing. Do people imagine they they know the POTUS when they say they like him/her?I don’t believe I have ever said that I “like” the POTUS. It’s been an awful long time since genuinely respected them. When people say they like the POTUS I wonder what it is they “like” these days. Is it a quiet voice? Jeffrey Dahmer (sp?) had a very quiet voice. Is it a buttoned down look? Howard Stern is very casual in his appearance. Is it drinking beer at a get together? Billy Carter drank ALOT of beer. I wouldn’t want ANY of these as president. I don’t think I would like Trump as a person, but he has to fix the country not stay in my spare room. I doubt I would have liked Gen. Patton A person. He really did some great work on the battle field though. What is this fascination w/ “liking people we don’t know? If I need brain surgery, I care much less about liking the surgeon than trusting his ability. I worked w/ many doctors in my career. Some of the best were NOT that likable. They were often arrogant or unfriendly. Believe me when I say I picked one of those to do my dad’s complicated hip replacement. The surgery went like a dream even w/ dad’s MANY medical conditions complicating it.Better that than he die ,b/c I like the guy personally and he kill my dad due to inability.

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