1. I, as a non-Catholic, do not see the need for the church to confer sainthood ( or anything else) upon person. Mother Theresa was an incredible example of a person truly living the teachings of Christ. I don’t believe in the idea of human performing miracles after death. I do believe she was and is one of Christ’s saints, regardless of canonization. She truly represents the sentiment of WWJD. I truly admire her.

    • Holiness determines sainthood, not man. Anyone in heaven is a saint. Occasionally, the Church will recognize someone as a saint whose example we can follow with confidence, but this only happens after a lengthy examination of the person’s life. At least two verifiable miracles must be performed through the direct intercession of a candidate for sainthood as proof that they abide in heaven. Whether you believe that the dead can perform miracles or not is really irrelevant (no offense). There are so very many verifiable examples if this happening as to render your opinion meaningless. I’ve occasionally written on the subject. My wife and I had a distant involvement in one such example, which I think you may enjoy reading: https://quinersdiner.com/2014/03/06/alleged-bishop-sheen-miracle-approved-by-vatican-medical-panel/

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