Beyoncé coarsens our culture another notch 5

By Tom Quiner


Michelle Obama was shocked by a tape released of Donald Trump from more than a decade ago. Trump’s comments about women WERE deplorable.

On the other hand, Michelle Obama adores Beyoncé, once stating that the popular chanteuse is the one person in the world she’d like to change places with. In that light, I’d like to provide context to the Trump drama by rerunning a Quiner’s Diner blogpost from two years ago:


Beyonce’ Knowles is one of the most glamorous celebrities on the music scene.

She could be such a positive influence on young women if she chose. Sadly, she chooses to corrupt with her latest song, “Partition.”

Its lyrics are vulgar, turning a certain White House intern’s name into a verb. An excerpt:

Driver roll up the partition please/ I don’t need you seeing Yonce on her knees … 
Oh he so horny, yeah he want to f— 
He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse 
He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown 

I just wanna be the girl you like, the girl you like 

Ms. Knowles, you are the proud parent of a baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. I’d like you to read her these lyrics as she grows up. Do you think your words would be a positive influence on her?

If not, why are you spreading such embarrassing and nefarious song lyrics to young girls throughout the world? Think of the harm you have done with this single song.

Aren’t you embarrassed by portraying women in such a bad light, as such objects of pleasure for a man ?

Shame on you Beyonce’. You could be so much more.


  1. Even though you know my stance on the prayer issue,there is just mortal fear. (LOL!). To this day I would still be afraid of my grandmother’s reaction. She has been dead since 1991, and her wrath still inspires fear. I will always behave myself for fear of my grandmother’s wooden spoon as well as her “scary face” . My mom’s was pretty scary too. I would just know that some mystical wooden spoon or mettle handled fly swatter would appear from nowhere to teach me NEVER to shame them again. All joking aside, how could I expect my own little girl to know how to be an honorable woman if THAT were my way of presenting myself. I tell her not to even do shameful things BEFORE she has a kid. Inevitably, they find out or figure out the truth of things. After that parenting them is nearly impossible. They feel NO need to take direction from you after that. We have stopped teaching that we owe our ancestors AND our future kids and grandchildren. The dead have earned their honor and the future deserves to NOT have to overcome our shamefulness. No one feels they owe anyone true honor anymore. Where did the honor go?

    • Imagine a political party that cheers a person who writes words that degrade women at the same time they deride a saint such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta who stood up for human life by publicly opposing human abortion.

      • I’m sooo glad my mom and others taught me i was sooo much more than a physical being. I wonder if this woman has a mother or grandmother and if THEY ever see/hear this. I was always taught never to do anything I would not want my mom or my grandparents to know about. that was the 80’s. They’re all dead now and I still would be horrified to think they might know about something like this from where they are now. I feel i owe those who worked to give me the chances they didn’t have BETTER than to be shamed. I owe them to have it said of them they raised a good and decent person. I wonder where the parents and grandparents of these “entertainers” are. My mom and grandmother would’ve given such a dirty look to me and then quite the lecture. My grandfather and step-dad would’ve just cried their eyes out.

      • God love you for saying that. I wish more people cared about what their parents or grandparents would think. Even though my parents have been dead a long time, I still care what they think, and I ask them to pray for me to this day (see my posts on the intercession of the saints). 🙂

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