1. I have said this a thousand times. I am always dismayed by the Christians and Jews still voting democrat (especially at the national level). Hilary and Pelosi both say,” When someone shows and tells you what they are, believe it.” The same goes for this bunch. When they say they want to ‘fundamentally change the country” or change your church, BELIEVE THEM. Just b/c they say pretty things (free college or healthcare…or unicorns, or whatever) does not mean they wont tear down the institutions of your life that give you strength. The constitution did not mean for religious ideology to stay out of government, but the other way around. The founders absolutely intended for moral and decent men, practicing whatever religion they do, to govern this country by those religious beliefs. They actually stated that self governance is only for religious men (and women). They knew that, w/o God a man can’t properly govern himself…let alone anyone else. I am not aware that any of the founders were atheists, yet that is the way Washington governs today…like atheists.

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