Trump has tapped into something deep 4

By Tom Quiner

A Facebook friend made an interesting observation yesterday:

“I have to ask my FB friends a question. Hillary Clinton currently leads in the polls. Today both Trump and Clinton are speaking and using FB live to broadcast to their FB fan/follower base.

Hillary Clinton spoke 1 hour ago and here are her statistics,

164K Views, 18K likes, 2068 shares as on 2:39 p.m. Chicago time.

Donald Trump just finished speaking. His video post is 1 hour ago. 3:13 p.m. Chicago time.

He had 1.3 million views, 119K likes, 23,807 shares.

My question is if he is crushing Hillary in social media involvement to the point of almost 800% more views, 600% more likes, and almost 1100% more shares, how can he be trailing in the polls?”

Ms. Clinton has some 7.4 million friends on Facebook. Mr. Trump has 11.7 million.

If you ever watch news coverage of a Trump rally, you may not get the magnitude of the Trump phenomenon. His crowds are mammoth, as you see in the video above at an event in Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania, a city of 41,000. Typical coverage, especially from the mainstream media, focuses on tight shots of Trump, as if they didn’t want their audience to see the enthusiasm that a passionate slice of our country has for this man.

cvk9pzlwaaa2ihvTrump pulled some 20,000 in Tampa yesterday at the same time Tim Kaine was only able to attract a crowd of 50 or so in West Palm Beach, as you can see in the photo above.

Trump’s supporters are passionate for their candidate. But his detractors are equally passionate. Hillary Clinton does not generate the adoration or the crowds of a Donald Trump.

That’s why we’ve got to wait until the final vote is counted before writing off the man. He has tapped into something deep.




  1. The number of dems polled is 30% higher than republicans. Sometimes, its as high as 50%. I dont care what algorithm one uses you cant get accuracy from that methodology no matter HOW you do the math. When polls are 30-50% tilted dem to get a 5% lead I have to wonder what the numbers would look like if they were even in the neighborhood of traditional polling methodology. This is how polls can be as far off from social media and rally crowd sizes. There will be a lot of dirt and filth flying the next few weeks as the progressives make a huge effort to move the ball another 20 yards. OK,so I do understand just a little foot ball talk. I think I just used ALL I know.

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